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My name is Sarah, I have been a stay-at-home mother, raising 3 daughters full-time for 5 years. For any of my fellow stay-at-mothers out there, my heart goes out to you.

In 2019 I went back to college, got my aesthetics license, my laser technician license and joined the workforce. I was fired on my first day at my, "dream job". This made me realize that I will never put the future of my own fate or my family's, into the hands of a "company" ever again. I am taking fate into my own hands, and molding my own future.

During 2020, I was given a gift. My entire reality was shattered, and everything that I believed to be true about the world around me, or myself; was crudely ripped away from me.

In this time, my curiosity (and I won't lie, a lot of boredom) brought me to a "brand" of literature that many people had previously taught me, was forbidden. I began researching Celtic beliefs. What I found, and what this knowledge gave me, was the ability to believe in myself. 

I realized that I wanted to create something that I, myself had been looking for. I love meditation, yoga, inner pathworking, ritual work, skincare and most importantly SELF-CARE. I wanted to find a way to intertwine these passions, and what I came up with, was Eclipse Botanica.

I started with making candles. I wanted to make candles that could be used in meditation or any practice that would help with manifestation and mostly, intention. I started working with so many waxes and HUNDREDS of fragrance oils, to find the strongest, while still being 100% natural candles. I also spent months researching fragrances and their effect on the human mind, as well as their influence in your practice. I used this knowledge to carry over into my ingredients that I use to create all of my hand-made products. 

I have used my knowledge from my Celtic & Norse literature as well as so many months of research to put together my lines of candles & skull wax melts. I am hoping to add Cleansing Room Sprays, Crystal Aura Scrub, Ritual Blends (loose incense) and A LOT more accessories soon!