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Ritual Blends (Coming Soon)

Our blends of loose incense are crushed using a mortar and pestle and blended during rituals to enhance the herbs. Loose incense is used in an incense burner, with a lit charcoal diskette. 

How do I use loose incense?

First, you will bring out your incense holder and grab a charcoal diskette with a pair of tongs, and (away from your face) light the edge of it until the charcoal begins to spark. It will continue to spark and light itself across the disk without holding a flame to it.

Next, set your charcoal on the bottom of the incense holder and now you may grab a pinch of your blend at a time and sprinkle it over the top of the coal. The heat from the lit coal will burn your ritual blend, and allow you to practice your ritual or meditation amidst the smoke and aroma of your blend 


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