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How to make your candles smell stronger!

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Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about how to get the strongest possible smell out of your candles!

If you are in your testing phase of making candles, there’s a good chance you are having a hard time figuring out how to get a strong hot throw. HOT THROW refers to the scent that comes from the candle once its lit. COLD THROW refers to the scent that comes from the candle before its lit. Today I’m going to be talking about HOT THROW. So, assuming that you already know the basics of making a candle, you have your wax, your fragrance oil, your wick and your jar. All of these things will contribute to your HOT throw.

YOUR WAX You should always start by melting the wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you’ve tested with that formula, you can make changes depending on the results you want, when it comes to testing waxes, the results are different for everyone.

I will be speaking on MY RESULTS, and what I do to make my candles smell strong, these results may be different for you I use a combination of 2 waxes, I use GB 444 and Coco 83, I have tested with 464, IGI 6006, C-6, C-3 and I found that for me, 444 and coco 83 gives me the best hot throw. Everyone has their reasons for liking certain waxes, I know from testing that IGI 6006 gave off the strongest hot throw, I just don’t like the consistency of the wax, I don’t like working with it but the end result was BOMB. You can also mix 6006 paraffin wax with other waxes if you want. Be sure to melt the wax to the specific temperature, for instance I melt my wax to 190 degree, for most soy waxes its 185 degrees, and for most coconut waxes it’s about 200. Pay close attention to the temperature of your wax So, play around with a few different kinds of waxes, do testing, take notes and during this process its best to use the same fragrance oil, to be able to really tell what wax works best.

TRUST THE PROCESS AND BE PATIENT, because you’re not going to find your golden formula overnight, you have to respect each wax.

TRY DIFFERENT WICKS. The wick that you choose to use will have a massive impact on your hot throw. You want to find a wick that won’t burn too hot, but that won’t burn so slow that you don’t get a full melt pool, thus your candle will tunnel and eventually put itself out. But try different kinds of wicks, try double wicking, try triple wicking.

JARS Next will be your jar, the wider the diameter, the better hot throw. My jars are between 3-3.5 in.  

FRAGRANCE OIL! Some fragrance oils work better for certain kinds of wax, usually it will say this on the web page. There are fragrance oils that are specifically made for candles, so make sure that you are purchasing fragrance oils for candles, not ALL fragrance oils will work in candles and some may cause your candles to EXPLODE so please do your research. And just know, essential oils alone will not give you a good hot throw. Essential oils are known to be very weak for hot throw and can actually cause combustion, so be careful or just steer away from using them.

MIXING FRAGRANCE OILS can make a HUGE difference in your hot throw, a great way to save your fragrance oil and still test two scents together is to dip one end of a q tip in each bottle and let it sit in a cup with a lid on it for 5 minutes. SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME because sometimes you’ll think it’s a good combo and then want to vomit and then other combos that you would have never thought of suddenly smell AMAZING and will be stronger since you’re combining the fragrance oils Your fragrance oil percentage also plays a huge roll. Adding MORE fragrance oil to a candle wont necessarily make it stronger, in fact sometimes it can affect how your candle burns and make it soot, which will result is a not so right aroma. I’ve found that my sweet spot is 8 percent FO. I’ve done 10 I’ve done 6, 8 always has been my percentage. Stir your fragrance oil into the wax for 2 minutes MINIMUM. Even if it’s a single batch candle, 2 minutes, every time, you need the wax molecules and the fragrance oils molecules to have time to get to know each other, before they can make a candle baby.

CURE YOUR CANDLES FOR 2 WEEKS cure your candles. This means that when you’re done pouring the candle and it has hardened, let it sit for 2 full weeks. Some people say 1 month, some people say 3 days. This is where your own testing will come into play, my advice is 2 weeks, that’s been the sweet spot for me. There have been times I’ve poured some candles and the cold throw was dead, and I thought oh, sh*t what did I do wrong? 2 weeks later I took off the lid and BAM.

ADDITIVES: Coconut oil does help with the consistency and with hot throw, adding a very small amount, just be sure to add this into your candle math Vybar, I made a video experimenting with Vybar here

I hope this helps!

Blessed be 🖤

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