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How to make your candles smell stronger!

Read todays blog or watch the video here! Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about how to get the strongest possible smell out of your candles! If you are in your testing phase of making candles, there’s a good chance you are having a hard time figuring out how to get a strong hot throw. HOT THROW refers to the scent that comes from the candle once its lit. COLD THROW refers to the scent that comes from the candle before its lit. Today I’m going to be talking about HOT THROW. So, assuming that you already know the basics of making a candle, you have your wax, your fragrance oil, your wick and your jar. All of these...

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How to be okay with people not liking you

Watch the video here! Today I want to talk about CONFIDENCE, and how you can use your anxieties, worries, or shame of your past, as fuel for your confidence, which will lead to caring much less or not at all about the opinions of others. I know that sounds ridiculous. So first let me talk about 3 HUGE tips that helped on the level surface. STOP thinking, "I hope they like me". Switch it up, start thinking, “Do I like you?”, Do you enjoy that persons company? Do you enjoy talking to them? This is what your internal dialogue should sound like, “This is exciting, I get to see if I like this person.”, rather than “This is terrifying. I am so...

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